Funnel Media Group Expands Live Programming & Podcast Replays for At-Work Listeners

LYNDEN, WA – – March 9, 2016 – – The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) announced it has expanded its SLMA Live Channel internet programming to include additional paid programming as well as programs it distributes on the Funnel Radio Channel for at-work business listeners.

SLMA CEO, James Obermayer, said, “The ‘at-work listeners’ category continues to grow, and it isn’t just for those who want music at their desks.  Listening to live internet radio programs and recorded podcasts that discuss business issues, like those from the SLMA, is growing exponentially.”

Obermayer contends that unlike webinars, which are scripted, stiff and PowerPoint driven, internet “radio” and the easy availability of podcasts offer a spontaneously unscripted interchange of ideas between guests and hosts.  These are often talk-radio formatted programs, however many are evolving into entertainment related programming.

The SLMA started its long-running weekly SLMA Radio program in July of 2011, and 308 episodes later has had 78,000 listeners to its podcasts (excluding another estimated 30,000+ live listeners).

The SLMA Live program lineup is:

MON 9:00 am  ACCELERATE! Sales. Profits. Growth – with host, Andy Paul

TUES 9:00 am  ACCELERATE! Sales. Profits. Growth – with host, Andy Paul

4-5:00 pm Critical Mass Radio – with host, Richard Franzi

THU  9:00 am  ACCELERATE! Sales. Profits. Growth – with host, Andy Paul

10:00 am Contact Marketing Radio – with host, Stu Heineke

10:30 am SLMA Radio  – with hosts, Jim Obermayer & Susan Finch

11:00 am MSPNOW by Continuum – with hosts Nate Teplow and Joe Tavano

11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio – with host, Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing


FRI 9:00 am  ACCELERATE! Sales. Profits. Growth – with host, Andy Paul

The combined listenership for the Funnel Radio shows is a conservative 259,000 listeners through podcast replays, which excludes live listeners.  All programs are available for listening via the Funnel Radio site, the Sales Lead Management Association site, program guest sites, plus subscriptions through iTunes and Android.

Funnel Radio has a turnkey process to help companies offer their own live internet radio program and replays from podcasts, at pennies per listener-hour.

“Commercial spots are available for shows on the channel,” said co-producer of the SLMA Channel Susan Finch.  “Commercial spots are heard thousands of times a month on different programs during live programs and replays.  Most are embedded in the program content which is a rich exposure for the advertiser.”

About SLMA Live

Funnel Radio is an internet channel which presents ten internet radio programs for approximately 7+ hours of air time each week. Some programs are live and some are scheduled replays (podcasts).

About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the Sales Lead Management Association is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads, which we believe manages revenue.  Membership is free.  For information call Sue Campanale at 360-933-1259.

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