August 24, 2016 – – Lynden, WA – – Funnel Radio, an internet radio channel, announced that DemandGen Radio, the voice of demand generation produced by DemandGen International Inc., has launched, airing at 9:30 a.m. PST every other Thursday.  Funnel Radio producer, James Obermayer, said “DemandGen Radio adds a new dimension for the program lineup on Thursdays.  The host, David Lewis, talks to marketing technology firms and senior marketing leaders about the methods and technologies for high-performance marketing.”

“There is an overwhelming amount of written content to wade through these days, so my goal was to create another channel where you can listen to marketing experts from your mobile device while out and about, during your commute, or sitting with your laptop” said David Lewis, program host and CEO of DemandGen International.

What Others Say about DemandGen Radio

“I appreciated being a guest on DemandGen Radio and sharing my enthusiasm for sales and marketing alignment.  It’s a topic near and dear to every marketer’s heart, and I love to hear other people’s views on it,” said Kate Federhar, manager of marketing operations at CenturyLink.

“David has assembled some of the most forward-looking visionaries in the industry to participate on his DemandGen Radio podcast,” said Isaac Wyatt, director of marketing strategy and operations at New Relic. “I’m honored to have participated and am looking forward to listening to future episodes.”

“I truly enjoyed being a guest on DemandGen Radio and sharing my passion for ‘Account Based Everything,’” said Jon Miller, CEO and co-founder at Engagio. “David has a phenomenal Channel of marketing experts who enjoy sharing the methods and technologies they use for modern marketing.”

About DemandGen Radio

DemandGen Radio is produced by DemandGen International and its host is David Lewis.  The 30-minute program is broadcast live biweekly (every other Thursday) at 9:30 am PST (Washington, US) at UTC/GMT -8 hours.  Replays are available on the DemandGen Radio.com site, and from those who subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher for Android.  The program’s charter is to interview CMOs and technology leaders on the leading edge of demand generation.

About the Host: David Lewis

For more than 20 years, CEO David Lewis has been a pioneering innovator in digital marketing, and has overseen marketing for some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology firms. David and his DemandGen team have been at the forefront of the transformation taking place in marketing, helping hundreds of the top sales and marketing teams around the world incorporate marketing technology to drive predictable and sustainable growth. David is an accomplished speaker, thought leader, host of DemandGen Radio, and author of the #1 book on lead management, Manufacturing Demand.

About DemandGen International   

DemandGen is a leading marketing technology consultancy and operational outsource provider for competitive organizations seeking to maximize the ROI of marketing and sales technology investments. With an array of services—from marketing automation and reporting to turnkey campaign execution and more—DemandGen is the right partner to help firms accelerate time to value.  DemandGen provides the people and processes to not only help companies execute marketing automation initiatives, but ensure marketing matters most within an organization.

About Funnel Radio

Funnel Radio publishes live-streaming internet radio programs (and follow-on podcasts) for at-work listeners.  The channel’s shows include: DemandGen Radio, Leadspace Radio, MSPNow Radio, CRMRadio.today, and Sales Pipeline Radio.  The Funnel Radio Channel has a download audience exceeding 152,000.