How Thought Leadership can be Shaped by Streaming Internet Radio

Funnel Media Group: How thought leadership can be shaped by Streaming Internet Radio

A whitepaper by James Obermayer. Image links to the PDF whitepaper.

This white paper discusses using digital steaming live internet radio programs and podcast replays as the content source which infuses the thought-leadership message in articles,  books, ebooks, white papers, blogs, nurture content, on-demand replays, press releases and email messaging to clients and prospects.  Thought leadership is a much sought after goal for corporations and leaders in all industries.  Being crowned as a thought leader, however, takes initiative, time and resources.  Some people are anointed as thought leaders because of their products and services, some because of their social stand on current issues.  Regardless, thought leadership is judged to be a worthwhile position, but how to get there can be a long road, unless of course technology helps you take a “shortcut” and this paper tells you how to do it using digital streaming live internet radio.

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