White Paper on Thought-Leadership Released by Funnel Radio

How live-streaming internet radio for mobile and at-work listeners provides a shortcut to becoming recognized as a thought leader

August 25, 2016 – – Lynden, WA – – Funnel Radio, an internet radio network, announces publication of an extensive white paper on the origins of thought leadership and the advantages of using live-streaming internet radio to accelerate thought leadership positioning.   The author, Funnel Media Group publisher James W. Obermayer, draws on six years of experience in internet radio production to make the case that this form of digital communication can establish thought leadership for the host/on-air personality of discipline-specific radio programs such as DemandGen Radio, CRM Radio and Sales Pipeline Radio.

Obermayer said, “Thought leaders are recognized as an authority in a particular field, and by hosting weekly broadcasts for mobile and at-work listeners, the radio host assumes a leadership role for the topic and creates an abundance of content which may be used in many ways:

  • Program replays available on websites and through iTunes and Stitcher for Android.
  • Blog entries
  • White paper content and quotes
  • Guest/customer testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Books: ebooks and traditionally published works
  • Social media
  • Nurturing content
  • Email promotions to customers and prospects
  • Newsletter content
  • Transcripts as the basis for all of the above

This new white paper states that live-steaming internet radio and podcast replays have extraordinary power when used with rich keyword content which flows into the marketplace from many directions.   The author quotes Edison Research ‘the premier provider of information that is all things podcast related,’ when it said from a post entitled The Infinite Dial that: “Half of Americans Listen to Online Radio Weekly; Podcast Consumption Surges.”

Obermayer addresses current programming and on-air personalities on the Funnel Radio Network programs as examples of thought leadership in action for radio hosts.  He discusses how easy it is to be a host on an internet radio program.  While he credits podcasts as the basis for the growing industry, he maintains that a live-streaming program airing at a specific, weekly time provides an authenticity for the thought-leader host.  “This is the emergence,” Obermayer says, “of programming for the B2B at-work and mobile listener, and aspiring thought leaders are recognizing it as a fast track.”

White Paper Title: How Thought Leadership Can Be Shaped by Streaming Internet Radio

Length: 9 pages, including photos and illustrations

Number of Links to other information: Fourteen

Summary: This is a “how-to and reasons-why” white paper for aspiring thought leaders, public relations departments, and B2B departments.

Readership Profile:

  • Public Relations Executives
  • Marketing Managers
  • Aspiring and existing thought leaders
  • Content Managers
  • Marketing Operations Managers

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About the Author: James Obermayer is the president and publisher of the Funnel Media Group.   He is a four-time B2B book author and founder of the Sales Lead Management Association.

About Funnel Radio

Funnel Radio publishes live-streaming internet radio programs (and follow-on podcasts) for at-work listeners.  Available shows include: DemandGen Radio, Leadspace Radio, MSPNow Radio, CRMRadio.today, CustomerMarketingradio.today (starting Sept 1st) and Sales Pipeline Radio.  The audience for Funnel Radio shows exceeds 155,000.  Funnel Radio is seeking topic-specific hosts for programs of interest to B2B marketing and sales executives.  Contact the publisher: jobermayer@funnelmediallc.com, (360) 933- 1259.  Funnel Radio is a division of The Funnel Media Group, LLC.

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