IStock-597649690 (2)One of Edison Research‘s findings in its 2016 report, which continues to attract attention, is that those interviewed (2100 people aged 12 and older) using random dialing techniques, show that there was an average of five podcast programs listened to in the previous week.   Further it indicates that the devices used in 2016 were 29% on computer and 71% on a smartphone/tablet portable device.

When asked where podcasts are most often listened to, 53% at home, 21% from a car/truck, 14% at home, 4% while riding public transportation and 8% other.  This 27 page research report covers everything from affluence, education, method of listening, social media brand usage, and much more.

Why it’s important

“This presentation of The Podcast Consumer 2016 contains all new data on podcast users in America, derived from the Infinite Dial 2016 study from Edison Research and Triton Digital.”

The research comes as no surprize to the Sales Lead Management Association which has produced its own SLMA Internet Radio program each week for six years with the podcast replays enjoying a wide spread audience in B2B with 358 shows and interviews with over 450 executives.   Listenership for the SLMA Radio program is approaching 90,000.  SLMA radio is a program which is produced by the Funnel Media Group on the Funnel Radio Channel with combined total listenership of programs such as Sales Pipeline Radio, CRM Radio, MSPNow, Leadspace Radio, Customer Marketing Radio DemandGen Radio approaching 200,000.

Each SLMA program is unscripted and an authentic exchange of ideas between the hosts and technology leaders in sales lead management, software, and lead generation.  Some interesting samples programs are: 

 Chris Ryan of Fusion Marketing Partners: 

Sean Burke of KiteDesk:

 Paul Peterson of GoldMine


SLMA Radio and Podcasting is one of five programs offer or produced by the Funnel Radio Channel.  Funnel-media-logo-300tmFunnel Radio is accepting applications for program hosts for marketing and sales subjects covering a 30 minute weekly and bi-weekly time slot on the Funnel Radio Channel.

Submit your application  to [email protected] to see if you qualify to stand out from the crowd.  We have great hosts such as Matt Heinz, Steve Gershik, David Lewis with interesting programs that solve marketing and sales problems.  All live streaming programs are available as podcast replays.