As Matt Heinz approaches his 100th episode on Sales Pipeline Radio, he and Paul Roberts, his announcer for Sales Pipeline, debated the pros and cons of podcasting.  They discuss storytelling, the importance of audio, conversations and podcasting  (Matt believes podcasts are really unstructured learning time).

They question banner ads and other now traditional forms of promotions and why new media such as podcasting is catching on. Matt said he has benefited from podcasts that have associated his brand with new ideas, people, authors, and new technologies.  While Matt is a B2B math marketer he likes technology such as podcasts that set him and his company apart from firms that haven’t embraced storytelling and conversations.

They chatted about conversational selling and its importance in the marketplace.  For instance, Matt recalled being at a conference when a CMO he had been trying to reach recognized his name from Sales Pipeline Radio.

Paul and Matt touched upon podcast formats from Q&A to curated shows.  Paul reminds the listeners that podcasts are true social selling; give first and ask later.  Many of Matt’s guests have been people who he has tried to speak with in the past but they were busy, until they were invited on the Sales Pipeline Radio.  Having guests that get behind Matt’s shows and put them on their sites has been helpful.

Heinz said he has been at it going on three years and he is actually traveling less, but talking and reaching more people.

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