Of course, fully-connected people listen to podcasts for entertainment, but increasingly more numbers are listening to work-related content.  Let’s face it, there is very little time to listen to podcasts at work even when they are work related.  Video? Even less time.  But on your drive home, walking the dog, exercising, on vacation, or simply taking time to learn and invest in yourself, podcasts are the answer for both listeners and broadcaster.  Plus, if you aren’t caught up on podcast popularity, listen to Andy Paul here:  The Growing Value of Podcasting for B2B Marketing.  This site, PodcastStatistics.com, states 44% of the US population has listened to a podcast, and 49% of podcast listening is done from home; 22% from a car.  Podcasting is hot.

For the Listener

If you have an interest in growing your sales pipeline, improving marketing efficiency, working on database management, or investing in yourself, you can listen to experts on almost any subject by doing a simple subject search.

For example, if data base management is your primary interest, listen to Mark Godley on Data Dump Radio.  If your company is thinking about a sales enablement initiative, listen to Brian Williams or Ralph Grimse on Sales Enablement Radio.

For the Podcast Host and Business-to-Business Marketer

For the marketer, especially in B2B, hosting your own podcast can be a way to establish thought leadership, and expand your company’s brand recognition (not to mention your personal brand), while reaching thousands of listeners and buyers, away from work.

For example, Matt Heinz from Heinz Marketing has the program Sales Pipeline Radio.  In a short time, Matt has reached 35,000 listeners, who have accessed 16,000-plus hours of Matt talking with his guests, who solve pipeline problems. Darryl Praill, the CMO of VanillaSoft CRM, loves talking about inside sales productivity on his program, Inside Inside Sales.  Darryl’s show is entertaining, funny and the best show to inside salespeople.

On her program Ready Set Grow, Laura Patterson of Vision Edge Marketing interviews CEOs from dramatically growing companies to find out how they’ve done it.

None of these program hosts overtly push their company’s products on their shows, but the listener learns about the show sponsor and their products (short commercials on the program tout the company’s products).  The hosts of these programs interview industry experts, authors, non-customers and customers.  They often speak to industry leaders who’ve never heard about their products until the show.

Many podcasts are programs from well-known companies wanting to reach away from work listeners with thought leadership and product-related messages.  Once such company is Goldmine, the CRM company which hosts CRM Radio.  Industry veteran Paul Petersen, the VP and GM at Goldmine, is the host.  It is a great program and with Paul’s sales management background he is at ease talking with industry veterans and authors about sales productivity and CRM software.

Podcasting is increasingly popular for B2B marketers because the programs are unscripted, authentic, and provide a lively exchange of ideas.  The real payoff with B2B podcasts is the multi-use content extracted from every program, used in collateral, nurture messaging, case studies, books, whitepapers, blogs, etc.   These two articles discuss the 16 Ways a Podcast Creates Useable Content  and How to Measure Podcast Contributions to Revenue.

Yes, podcasts can be produced from your office computer, but with the existing competition for today’s listener, professionally produced podcasts broadcasting regularly to build an audience are becoming the norm.


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Author:  James Obermayer is a four-time author, founder of the Sales Lead Management Association, publisher of the Funnel Media Group, and a frequent host on SLMA Radio, one of the longest-running (weekly B2B podcasts (9th year).