James Obermayer
James ObermayerPresident
Jim’s career in marketing, sales, interim sales and marketing management, has led him to Funnel Media Group as he continues to help B2B companies reach their target audience and improve sales and marketing performance.
Susan Finch
Susan FinchVice President, Senior Producer
Susan started as our web designer and morphed into our digital and content strategist, host, and senior producer of Funnel Radio channel. She is integral in the continued growth of FMG

Our Team

Paul Roberts
Paul RobertsProducer Funnel Radio
Paul’s ability to coordinate live guests, transition smoothly between shows and lend his voice has been a big part of our success.
Thomas Finch
Thomas FinchEditor
Tom’s attention to detail to bring out the best in any host or guest is appreciated by all of our hosts on Funnel Radio.
Nina Hambelton
Nina HambeltonSocial Media Strategist
Nina brings fresh perspectives into current trends, best practices and efforts with social media campaigns, planning, schedules, and analysis.
Bodhi Das
Bodhi DasSkills Creator, Advance Programming
Bohdi’s ability to create Alexa skills, advanced programming needs and more allow FMG to say “yes!” to all host and sponsor requests.