Podcast Description

Host, Laura Patterson is well-known for being a pioneer in the field of marketing measurement and performance management. Her breadth of experience in helping companies accelerate growth make her an ideal host for this newest SLMA program, ‘Ready-Set-Grow.’  For the Ready Set Grow program, Laura brings C-level executives from across various industries to each segment to discuss how they have organically grown their companies.  These “tell-all” programs will focus on revealing to listeners the tools and management techniques the guests have used to fuel their above-average growth.

“When we work with members of the C-Suite, we consistently hear that growth is among their top initiatives and that Marketing needs to step up its game to support this prime directive,” added Laura. “Each of the guests on ‘Ready-Set-Grow’ will share insights into achieving growth, lessons learned along the way, and their expectations of Marketing in regard to the growth mandate.”

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