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Our hosts for SLMA Radio:

SLMA Radio launched in July of 2010 and is broadcast through the internet, live, on Thursdays, at 10: 30 AM PST (California, US) UTC/GMT -8 hours. Listeners can connect via the SLMA website. Recorded versions of the SLMA Radio program can be found on the SLMA website, via iTunes, on many of the interviewees’ websites, and via the many syndicated outlets which carry the entire programming list of shows.

SLMA Radio is produced by Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio, and the host is James Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association. We have monthly segments from a few expert hosts:

1st Thursday – Rhoan Morgan, DemandLab – SLMA Radio

2nd Thursday – Mark Godley, Lead Genius – Data Dump

3rd Thursday – Laura Patterson, VisionEdge Marketing – Ready, Set, Grow!

4th Thursday – Mari Anne Vanella, Vanella Group – Outstanding Outbound,

The SLMA Talk Radio program as of December 2017 has had 100,000 plus listeners. As syndication increases, we expect the exposure and listenership to quadruple…

SLMA vice president of marketing, Sue Campanale, said “This show is open to SLMA members and non-members alike; anyone interested may tune in. Recorded broadcasts are archived on the SLMA site and available through the many syndicated outlets. “

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