Podcast Description

The Practical CMO by Chief Outsiders

If you are even a little like me, when you are looking for background on a topic or a new way of dealing with a challenge or an opportunity, you have a preference for practical guidance over academic discussions. Yes, there is a place for models and high-level approaches—I like them, too—but when I’m time-challenged and need new ideas or new ways of thinking about or solving challenges, I always look for practical tips from an experienced practitioner.

I’ve learned that a preference for practical guidance and best practices isn’t just for small- or mid-sized business execs. Even the largest corporations want a perspective from a trusted, experienced resource on how they are doing, how they compare to industry leaders, and what specific activities they can adopt to embrace continuous improvement of their Marketing and Sales programs.

My goal, as the host of “The Practical CMO,“ is simple: To provide you with relevant, timely content on issues and opportunities related to Marketing and Sales performance. I’ve managed these disciplines multiple times and I’ll also bring in some excellent subject matter experts—people who share my passion for continuous improvement, growth, and innovation.

Tune in for up-to-date discussions on programs like account-based management, new hiring and retention practices, and programs to drive improved revenue performance. We’ll be discussing techniques like ideal customer profiles and the power they bring to improve customer acquisition. We’ll discuss effective digital programs and ways to get the highest return from your Marketing and Sales investments and programs.

And, if you have a topic you’d like us to discuss, please let me know!

– Mark Coronna, Host

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