The Sales Lead Management Association™ (SLMA), formed in 2007, is the voice of the sales lead management industry. The SLMA is an 8,200-member worldwide organization that has the mission of helping individuals and companies become more successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads, which in turn is the business of managing revenue growth.

The SLMA has gathered together a membership community of like-minded people and companies that share this belief. We do this through multiple resources on the SLMA site, which includes a library of articles, an award-winning blog Sales Lead Management Today, SLMA Radio (326+ episodes and interviews with 350+ CEOs). The association has a buyer’s guide, recognition programs and industry news.

The SLMA - Sales Lead Management Association

SLMA Mission

Research confirms, and the SLMA believes, that those who successfully manage sales leads sell more at less expense than those who do not embrace the management and tools needed to respond to prospects who want to buy. The founders know that how sales leads are managed is the crucial point of differentiation between extraordinarily successful companies and those that are much less successful. There are no other associations that address the serious issue of how the billions of expended marketing dollars, which result in sales leads, are managed.

There are other sales and marketing associations, but their focus is broader and the topic of sales lead management is often a very small, if not completely ignored, part of their messaging. And yet the proper management of sales leads is the single greatest discipline that can add the most to B2B and B2C company revenue results.

Sales Lead Management as a Critical Function in Revenue Creation

Sales Lead Management is the complete function of managing prospects, from creation to closure, across a company’s departmental lines, including the offering and closure of sales leads through independent channels. It entails policies and procedures that match the marketing process of lead generation, the sales steps of the sales distribution arm and the buying process of the customer. The process of Sales Lead Management often involves many outside agencies and services, which seek to sell their services to the lead generating company. In many companies there is little or no management of the entire sales lead management process (see Is Anyone Leading Lead Management?)

Recognition Programs

Each year the SLMA sponsors recognition programs for leaders in the field of sales lead management. The ‘40 Inspirational Leaders’ program is a nomination-and-election program that has had 2,500 to 5,000 votes cast. The ‘20 Women to Watch’ is a nomination-and-judged recognition program that shines a spotlight on women in leadership.

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