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Funnel Radio is the streaming digital internet radio channel that publishes live radio programs (and follow-on podcasts) for at-work listeners. Starting with a single show, SLMA Radio in 2010 (which now has 340 episodes and interviews with 400+ executives and 82,000+ replays), the channel started producing shows for at-work listeners for other companies in 2013. The shows include: CustomerMarketingRadio, DemandGenRadio, SalesPipelineRadio, Leadspace Radio, MSPNow Radio, and In 2016, Funnel Radio is expanding into additional programming, based on disciplines, which the company produces and owns as programming. is one such program. Debuting August, 2017 is P.I.C.N.I.C. Podcast by Ipswitch for IT Professionals. It is intended that these programs will have well-known programs hosts and sponsors. Programming on the Funnel Radio Channel has a download audience exceeding 185,000.

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You can find all replays for our shows we produce at

But take the time here to listen live while you work.

Shows we produce:

9:30 AM Pac. Thur

Host David Lewis

From DemandGen

10:30 AM Pac. Thur

James Obermayer, Peter Gillett
& Susan Finch

From The SLMA

11:00 PM Pac. Thur

James Obermayer
& Susan Finch

From The SLMA

11:30 AM Pac. Thur

Host Matt Heinz
Cohosts: Robert Pease & Brian Hansford

From Heinz Marketing

12:00 PM Pac. Thur

Hosts: Jeanne Hopkins and Kevin Conklin

by Ipswitch

12:30 PM Pac. Thur

Host Steve Gershik

Show is currently on a hiatus as we are adding new cohosts and will return this Fall.

Replays of Our Shows:

DemandGen Radio

Produced by Demand Gen, hosted by David Lewis

Sales Lead Management Radio
Hosted by James Obermayer & Peter Gillett

CRM Radio with host, Jim Obermayer
Sponsored by GoldMine CRM

Sales Pipeline Radio
with host, Matt Heinz

P.I.C.N.I.C Podcast hosts: Jeanne Hopkins and Kevin Conklin

Customer Marketing Radio with host, Steve Gershik