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Funnel Radio

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The Real Personalities of Funnel Radio LIVE:

Funnel Radio is the streaming digital internet radio channel that publishes live radio programs and follow-on podcasts for at-work listeners.   Listen live during broadcast times each Thursday or catch replays on your device through iTunes, Stitcher. Blubrry, GooglePlay or other podcast sources including our own B2B Podcast Directory

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You can find all replays for our shows we produce at

Pick Your Podcast, Listen, Learn and Laugh

9:30 AM Pac. Alternating Thur

Host Darryl Praill

Brought to you by VanillaSoft

Revenue Rebels with host, Rhoan Morgan from DemandLab

10:30 AM Pac. 1stThur

Host: Rhoan Morgan,

From DemandLab

Data Dump with host Mark Godley by LeadGenius

10:30 AM Pac. 2nd Thur

Host:  Mark Godley

From LeadGenius

Ready, Set, Grow! with host Laura Patterson, VisionEdge Marketing

10:30 AM Pac. 3rd Thur

Host: Laura Patterson

From VisionEdge Marketing - with hosts Jim & Susan

10:30 AM Pac. 4th and 5th Thur

Jim & Susan host along with special guest hosts.

From The SLMA

11:00 AM Pac. Alternating Thur

Paul Petersen

From Goldmine CRM

Sales Enablement Radio by The Brevet Group

11:00 AM Pac. Alternating Thur

Hosts: Dan Perry, Ralph Grimse, Brian Williams

From The Brevet Group

11:30 AM Pac. Thur

Host Matt Heinz
Cohosts: Robert Pease & Brian Hansford

From Heinz Marketing

12:00 PM Pac. Alternating Thur

John Asher and
Kyla O’Connell

From Asher Strategies

12:30 PM Pac. Alternating Thur

Cyndi Greenglass,  Matthew Cummings and Lee Silverman

by West Virginia University

Rooted in Revenue with Susan Finch and Lany Sullivan

12:30 PM Pac. Special Editions

Lany Sullivan
& Susan Finch

event & marketing tips