Podcast Production Made Easy

By now you know that B2b podcasts from you and your company create thought leadership, multi-use content, testimonials, and relationships with industry leaders. Podcasts introduce you and your products to thousands of potential customers and those that refer customers, but there are four caveats to be successful.

Let’s get started!

A few tips we can walk you through.

Consistency Pays Off

Have them look forward to your episodes, rather than filling their listening time with another show.


To gain followers (listeners and subscribers) you must produce a show that they can follow. Once a month programming is very good, twice a month for moderately-sized companies, weekly is best!

A Pleasure to Listen

Get talked about because your quality content impresses and inspires them, and builds curiousity.


Sound, host, and announcer quality are important after all this is entertainment, but the host’s actual voice isn’t as important as the content, editing, timing, commercial delivery.

It Has to be Interesting

We'll help you avoid boring, pitchy content so your audience continues to grow.


Each program’s title and its content must be stimulating and worth the time invested by the listener. Programs with “How-To” or similar titles are the most popular and long-lasting.

Versatile Content

Testimonial quote, blog, nurture message, book, guest website, white paper or case study quotes

17 Ways Podcast Content Can be Used

Podcasts produce so much potential content that each show provides a plethora of content options:  See 17 Ways a Podcast Creates Useable Content. This multi-use content adds listeners and reach.

Guidance to the top
  • Audience Growth

Guided Strategic Approach

We will talk to you about internal resources, time available, and budget to develop a plan to increase your audience and authority.

  • Training & Enablement

Be in control, ask for help with the parts you don’t want to do.

We can teach you how to promote your site. We can teach your team, too.

Training Enablement
strategies for your podcast growth
  • Creating a Promotional Rhythm

Digital Marketing Strategy

So many simple, subtle ways to build your audience. We’ll tailor the list for your and your team.

The benefits of podcasting are:

  1. It is easy because we do the heavy lifting.
  2. It is not time-consuming like a webinar (once a month frequency is available).
  3. No rehearsals or PPT.
  4. There are thousands of listeners that will continue to replay your evergreen content.
  5. Customers give you testimonials.
  6. Guests promote your show, and that promotes your company, product, and service.
  7. Hosts and their companies gain reputations as thought leaders.
  8. Professional editing for voice quality, sound variations, background noise, sound cleanup, gain control, fade, amplify, normalize, compress, and equalize.
  9. RSS Feed for submission and multi-use syndication.
  10. It is inexpensive.
  11. Reach listeners at work, on weekends: traveling, at home, walking the dog, exercising, or in their cars.
  12. Statistics for the program are kept: replay count, trending, geo count, clients (Chrome, Apple, Apple Media, etc.), Platforms, and most listened to show lists, etc.
  13. A huge stream for live shows.

What we can do for you – Additional Services

Voiceover services for commercials, introductions, editing in questions, private host coaching, PSAs, and more.