The Funnel Media Group Announces Internet Radio Program Lead(er) Generation, Sponsored by Tenlo, Added to Weekly Lineup

The Funnel Media Group’s James W. Obermayer, President of Funnel Radio Channel, a live-streaming internet radio station, announced expanded programming for business-to-business listeners with a new program called Lead(er) Generation. This program joins 13 other programs on the channel, which offers weekly live programming with podcast replays for B2B listeners.

The show host, Tess Burg said, “The sheer volume of digital tactics available to B2B marketers is overwhelming. Rapid Testing is all about quickly finding the best ones for your customers and business. We’re excited to share insights from industry thought leaders as well as their stories about what works and what doesn’t.”

About Tessa Burg
Tessa Burg is vice president of user experience and technology strategy at Tenlo, a pipeline marketing company that focuses on engaging high-value prospects with relevant buyer experiences that get results. Tessa has been leading data-driven marketing and technology product teams for 15 years and has successfully executed the Rapid Testing process across hundreds of experiments, new product launches, and omni-channel campaigns.

About Lead(er) Generation on Tenlo Radio

Rapid Testing is a process that generates customer insights and revenue forecasts from small, iterative tests. In weeks (rather than months), marketers learn which messages, channels, and experiences work and can quickly pause underperforming tactics and scale successful ones. The show will discuss how Rapid Testing is used to test new marketing channels, create accurate revenue forecasts, validate new products, build attribution models, and align sales and marketing teams more effectively. The program is sponsored by Tenlo.

About Tenlo the Program Sponsor
Tenlo is a digital marketing agency. It strategically fills your sales pipeline with high-quality leads. Your tailor-made pipeline marketing plan then targets only your ideal customers with relevant and engaging buyer experiences that convert. Your sales leads become customers faster than ever before – and Tenlo makes it all look easy. When you use Tenlo, your marketers: Become Your Sales Team’s Biggest Ally

About the Funnel Radio Channel

Funnel Radio produces live-streaming internet radio programs (and follow-on podcasts) for at-work and away-from-work listeners. Each program reaches listeners during a live broadcast, as well as mobile listeners in their cars, while exercising, or on vacation. Available shows include INSIDE Inside Sales, Sales Pipeline Radio, Revenue Rebels, Revenue Optimization Radio, Asher Sales Sense, Market Dominance Guys, and WVU Marketing Communications to name a few. Interested program hosts are encouraged to contact producer James Obermayer at (360) 933-1259 or [email protected] Funnel Radio is a division of the Funnel Media GroupTM, LLC.
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