Any host that invites you to be a guest on their podcast has hopefully heard you speak before. Chances are they’ve read a white paper, ebook, blog post or seen another appearance which is why they want you on their show. As a guest you have some homework to do, out of respect for your host, and so you don’t look like a boob.

Bonus tip, if the space you are being interviewed in is stark where sound will bounce all over like a racquetball court – bring in some pillows, quilts to help soften the setting. Here is a list of tips for before, during and after the show. If you have any to add, let us know.

Before the show:

  1. Do your homework. Go listen to 3-4 of their past episodes to get an idea of the style, how they handle various types of guests. You’ll hear the tone for the show.
  2. If you have been given a set topic, come up with three good points or questions the host can ask you so you can prepare.
  3. Prepare your answers keeping in mind the typical length of their episodes – 10, 20, 30 minutes or more.
  4. Do they need a headshot and short bio? Get it to them before they ask or find whatever they find on Google.
  5. Ask your host about format, timing, break for commercial, call to action at the end so you follow their typical flow for a show.
  6. Please remember you were invited. Be kind. Brag about the honor of being an invited guests. Promote some of their past episodes on your own social streams. Publicly let them know you are looking forward to being a guest.

Just before the show:

  1. Turn off all notifications from ALL programs and devices.
  2. If you are too tempted to check your phone, put it in another room until you are done so you can focus 100% on the host and the episode.
  3. Turn off all unnecessary programs if it is through Zoom, Skype or other video recording.
  4. Arrive a few minutes early to do a sound check and camera quality/angle/lighting check.
  5. Use a mic rather than headset if possible.
  6. Wear headphones or earbuds to LISTEN so the host’s voice doesn’t echo through your speakers.
  7. Have your HD face on.
  8. Remove distractions from behind you.
  9. Remove distractions from your desk. We can hear every rustle, every key stroke.
  10. At home? Find a really quiet place. Put pets and kids away. 😉 Is it a neighborhood landscaping day? Plan for that and move away from that side of the house or office.
  11. Ensure you have a great phone or internet connection – no dropped calls. Don’t rely on wireless. If you are on the phone, be on a landline if at all possible.

During the show:

  1. If on video, make eye contact with the guest, but don’t nod excessively.
  2. Watch hand gestures so you don’t have Hulk hands – keep your hands and arms inside the boat at all times.
  3. Smile when you talk and sit up straight.
  4. Project your voice and don’t drop your words at the end. Practice this way before you are being recorded or live.

After the show:

  1. Time for those love notes. Send any notes you had for this episode, your bio if you didn’t send it already.
  2. Publicly thank the host and link to the episode when it is live.
  3. Ask for an embeddable player so you can expand on the thoughts in the show and give them more replays.
  4. Find a quote or two from the show you can turn into a meme and @mention them.
  5. Nothing wrong with a hand-written note mailed to them. They are always appreciated.