1. Add your podcast as a part-time position on LinkedIn. If you are putting an effort into your podcast, you should be proud of it. Add it as a position with the branding and link. Take the opportunity to describe the show and let it show how enthused you are. This will notify all of your connections. This gives you way better reach than a one-time post.
  2. Add a link to your podcast in your email signature. “Host of Funnel Radio funnelradio.com.” or “Subscribe to our podcast – Behind the Mic – Funnelradiochannel.com. “
  3. Ask your team to share it out each week. Make it easy for them. You could even give a gift card to the ones who share it the most. Ask them for their one tip they learned from an episode.
  4. Bonus to team members who also SUBSCRIBE to your show in ALL podcast venues and rate/review. Just ask them. If your company is more successful, it’s good for EVERYONE.
  5. Create a podcast landing page on your main website, not just a link to the podcast site. Make it a lovely portal page with the replay player, all the ways to subscribe, email form to “never miss an episode” and about the show and host.
  6. Add the link to your podcast in your GoogleMyBusiness profile, Facebook business page, LinkedIn business page, or create a page JUST for the podcast and share every episode, thank every guest each week there.
  7. Submit your podcast site sitemap to Google Search Console as an RSS feed/Sitemap to ensure it is visited regularly by spiders. Also, make sure you add Google Analytics into your podcast site to track the success in your own dashboard.

That’s enough for now. Do that first and then we’ll have another short list for you soon. Once you do some of this, add an annotation in your Google Analytics the day you start this with a note of what you did. Then you are better able to track the effectiveness.