Today’s streamed guests include Sam Dunning of Web Choice, Richard King of Product Marketing Alliance, Bill Nevin, Ellie Mirman from Crayon, along with Elmer Baldwin, Sushee Perumal, and John Crowley. Join us live at 9 am Pacific, or start listening to some of the shows here now.

Wednesday’s Replay

Market Dominance Guys from ConnectAndSell hosted by Corey Frank and Chris Beall

Guest: Sushee Perumal, CEO MaxSold

topic: Celebrating a win isn’t anything, it’s just preparing for the next thing.

9 INSIDE Inside Sales from VanillaSoft hosted by Darryl Praill

Guest: Sam Dunning, Sales Director and Co-Owner – Web Choice

Topic: How To Do a Demo

Thursday’s Streamed Line-up

9:30 Revenue Optimization Radio from UplandAltify hosted by Sean Broderick

Guest: Richard King, CEO Product Marketing Alliance

Topic: Virtual Events Unplugged Virtual Events Unplugged

10 WVU Marketing Communications Today from West Virginia University hosted by Susan Jones

Guest: Bill Nevin, Assistant Vice President for Communications, West Virginia University Foundation

Topic: Creating IMC campaigns amidst COVID-19

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10:30 SLMA Radio from Funnel Media Group hosted by Erika Goldwater

Guest: Ellie Mirman

Topic: Data is In and Gut Experience is Out

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11 CRM Radio from Goldmine CRM hosted by Paul Petersen

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11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio from Heinz Marketing hosted by Matt Heinz

Guest: John Crowley

Topic: It’s better to be a Flintstone than a Jetson in Sales

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12 The Practical CMO from Chief Outsiders hosted by Mark Coronna

Guest: Elmer Baldwin

Topic: Challenges and Best Practices in Securing Investment Capital – An Investor’s Perspective