Our time is limited. We are being pushed to rise above our competition. Jobs are scarce in some industries and fields. We need to be better, more desirable, in demand. The only way to do that is to bring skills that those we are competing with lack. With time no longer spent commuting, we can choose to use this time to escape or thrive through knowledge. Podcasts are an on-the-go resource to be entertained, learn, hone, expand our views. The most popular videos during this pandemic are those that give us tips, expand our industry knowledge and expertise. It’s no different with podcasts. There are plenty of people using this time to take a break from the infighting between news stations, political sides, those turning the pandemic into a political platform. They are listening to lifestyle, true crime, comedy. But there is a large segment of professionals using podcasts to gain insights, learn about new tools, new products, new tactics to gain an edge over their competition.

As we have heard personally or “friend of a friend of a friend” people have lost jobs. Some are making more being unemployed than they were before. They are liking the money for nothing, but where will they be when unemployment ends? What will they have done to improve their situations or value? You may be collecting unemployment or at reduced hours. How will you become more valuable to your next employer? Perhaps you’re formulating a plan to start your own company. You are in this between time. Use your valuable time wisely – learn. This is a great time to gain certifications, learn about current tools and apps. This is a great time to check out companies you may want to work for. You can do all of this through podcasts. Most are free, some are subscription-based when you can gain certifications.

Here on Funnel Radio, we have at least a dozen experts each week you can gain valuable information from, learn about books these successful B2B leaders are reading, tools they are using, as well as industry trends, launches, and changes. Search the apps you can take on your walks and catch up, improve, dominate your field.   Here are our shows and experts. Subscribe to their sites via email to see when they have a new episode. Add them to your subscriptions in the various podcast apps.


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10:00 am
Market Dominance Guys podcast link Listen on Stitcher Radio Listen on Blubrry Listen to MDG on IHeartRadio Listen on Google PodcastsMarket Dominance Guys on Spotify Market Dominance Guys hosted by Corey Frank and Chris Beall sponsored by ConnectAndSell
Market Dominance Guys Hosts: Corey Frank & Chris Beall
9:00 am
INSIDE Inside Sales podcast link Listen on Stitcher Radio Listen on Blubrry Listen on Google PodcastsINSIDE Inside Sales on Spotify Listen to IIS on IHeartRadioListen on Alexa - get the skill Inside Inside Sales INSIDE Inside Sales from VanillaSoft hosted by Darryl PraillThursdays at 9am Pac
INSIDE Inside Sales
Host: Darryl Praill
9:30 am
5:30 pm GMT
Revenue Optimization podcast link Listen on Stitcher Radio Listen on Blubrry Revenue Optimizaztion on Spotify Listen to Revenue Optimization Radio on IHeartRadio Revenue Optmization Radio by Altify with host, Patrick Morrissey
Revenue Optimization Radio
Hosts: Patrick Morrissey and Sean Broderick
2nd, 4th THUR
10:00 am 3/7
podcast link Listen on Stitcher Radio Listen on Google Podcasts WVUMCToday on Spotify Listen to WVU MC Today on IHeartRadio WVUMCTodayWVU Marketing Communications Today with hosts Cyndi Greenglass, Matthew Cummings, Karen Freberg, Whitney Drake, Susan Jones, Nathan Pieratt, and Michael Lynch
10:30 am
WVU MC Today podcast link Listen on Stitcher Radio Listen on Google PodcastsGet the skill SLMA Radio SLMA Radio live on Thursdays
SLMA Radio and Outstanding Outbound Hosts: Rhoan Morgan, James Obermayer, and Mari Anne Vanella
2nd/4th THUR
11:00 am
CRM Radio podcast link Listen on Stitcher Radio Listen on Google PodcastsCRMRadio on Spotify Listen to CRM Radio on IHeartRadio CRM Radio by GoldmineCRM Radio with host, Paul Petersen
Sponsored by Goldmine CRM
11:30 am
Sales Pipeline Radio podcast link Listen on Stitcher Radio Listen on Google PodcastsSales Pipeline Radio on Spotify Listen to Sales Pipeline Radio on IHeartRadio salespipelineradioSales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing
1st/3rd THUR
12:00 pm
Asher Sales Sense podcast link Listen on Stitcher Radio Listen on Google PodcastsAsher Sales Sense on Spotify Listen to Asher Sales Sense on IHeartRadio Asher Sales SenseAsher Sales Sense with hosts, John Asher and Kyla O’Connell
4th THUR
12:00 pm
podcast link Listen to The Practical CMO on IHeartRadioThe Practical CMO on Spotify The Practical CMO LIVE 3rd Thursdays
The Practical CMO by Chief Outsiders hosted by Mark Coronna
2nd THUR
12:00 pm
RapidTesting.ai podcast linkListen on Stitcher Radio Lead(er) Generation from Tenlo hosted by Tessa BurgLead(er) Generation by Tenlo Radio with host, Tessa Burg
Rooted in Revenue podcast link Listen on Stitcher Radio Listen on Google Podcasts Rooted In Revenue with Susan Finch and Lany SullivanRooted in Revenue by Susan Finch Solutions with host, Susan Finch
Funnel Radio Channel podcast linkListen on Stitcher RadioFunnel Radio Channel on Spotify Funnel Radio ChannelFunnel Radio Channel: Commentary and Weekly Replay loops from ALL shows. One place to get ALL shows – easy! Host is James Obermayer

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash