We already covered the fact that most podcasts fail after seven episodes. Most of the time they didn’t fail, they just stopped. When we meet new hosts or companies that want to use our Podcasting Production services we find those that have tried podcasting before are usually in one of three camps:

  1. They had a podcast before and it lost steam, didn’t give them the return they wanted so they back-burnered it.
  2. The ran out of ideas for their podcast but have a ton of content in other venues – they just can’t figure out what to do with it. They realize that they can save time because great, evergreen content is already available throughout their other channels.
  3. They felt that their podcast only played to an audience of “us” and want to increase listenership because even their internal audience isn’t really into supporting it.

Each of these reasons has a common thread – not enough initial planning. Once you have a clear plan in place, your podcast episodes will flow! Funnel Media Group usually steps in to help with the pieces podcast hosts don’t want to do. As you have probably figured out, most hosts only want to show up and conduct the interview and the rest to them, is magic.

Our magic starts then and usually before. There are tools you can use, many are free, to record your podcast episodes, but then what? You need a discerning editor – the type that will catch a misspeak, a too honest reveal by a guest that could get them in trouble, smoothing out nervous guests so they’ll want to share the episode.

From there a post is created with artwork, transcript, and more to make it easy for you to share it out.

Since we’ve already set up your show to push to all venues and podcast directories, that’s all that needs to be done, or is it?

Now is the time for your internal team to step in to support your show. You have great guests, right? They are brilliant, interesting, and funny. Your team needs to hear these words of wisdom and share them out. They may even learn some new aspects of your company that they were never exposed to. They will feel more informed, and more a part of the success of your company if you ASK them to help you promote the shows. We have a few show hosts that have us extract highlights to make it super simple for internal teams, super fans, and strategic partners to share out. It works!

A show not picking up steam can be a result of a very simple thing – no one has ASKED people to listen and subscribe. It’s not a lot different from when people launch websites that they spend a ton of money developing and then no one finds the site. Why? No one was asked to visit the site. That’s done through SEO, social media, and more. Same with a podcast. Unless your regular guests include Ellen, The Rock, and ASAP Rocky, you may have to do some extras to get people listening. It’s OK, we can help. Let us know if you want to talk about your old podcast, your new one, or some other project people can subscribe to and listen to. It’s what we do.

Let’s talk!