You will want a lift from the Market Dominance Guys’ guest, Hotelier, Mandy Farmer. Corey and Chris were lifted up, so were our editors. Mandy knows that FUN is a requirement for business success.

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9 INSIDE Inside Sales from VanillaSoft hosted by Darryl Praill

Guest: Luigi Prestinenzi

Topic: Cadence is Key

9:30 Revenue Optimization Radio from UplandAltify hosted by Sean Broderick

Guest: Tim Riesterer, Corporate Visions

Topic: The Expansion Sale

10 WVU Marketing Communications Today from West Virginia University

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10:30 SLMA Radio from Funnel Media Group hosted by James Obermayer

Guest: Relee Meek

Topic: Social Dynamic Selling Case Studies

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11 CRM Radio from GoldmineCRM hosted by Paul Petersen

Guest: Gene Marks

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11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio from Heinz Marketing hosted by Matt Heinz

Guest: Jeff Kahn

Topic: More Sleep, More Sales: The Direct, Science-based Connection Between Sleep and Revenue

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12 Asher Sales Sense from ASHER STRATEGIES hosted by John Asher

Guest: John Morelli

Topic: The Neuroscience of Leading High-Performance Sales Teams